TeknoRail Systems, S.A. is a member of the Eurofinsa Group specialising in rail transport.

TeknoRail Systems, S.A. proposes and implements complete rail projects: planning, engineering, design, infrastructure, superstructure, stations, rolling stock, etc.

TeknoRail Systems, S.A. participates in all processes, from design, engineering, development, supply and commissioning, to renewal of cars; adapting to the needs of each client and each project.

  • Teknorail Systems S.A.
  • Teknorail Systems S.A.
  • Teknorail Systems S.A.
  • Teknorail Systems S.A.


The technical and management skills of TeknoRail Systems, S.A., the financing ability provided by the Eurofinsa Group as well as the collaboration with group companies, allow TeknoRail to provide the best possible solution to his customers, adapting to their needs and requests.

Why choose us?

  • Highly qualified team
  • Dynamic organisation: quick actions and decisions
  • Customer-oriented culture
  • Great knowledge and financial capacity to implement financing schemes with the support of the Eurofinsa Group